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What is shopify Dropshipping?

1.What is Shopify Dropshipping?

Shopify Dropshipping, an international trade term, is a method of supply chain management. Shopify sellers do not need merchandise inventory but give the customer order and shipping details to the supplier, and the supplier sends the goods directly to the end customer. And retailers earn the difference of prices between wholesale and retail. Put it on the Shopify store operation to explain, Dropshipping is an operating mode, when sellers open a store on Shopify will use it, through this mode of operation: Shopify stores do not need to reserve inventory, do not need to own Package delivery is equivalent to a middleman, connecting the supplier and the buyer, and after receiving the buyer’s order, the supplier will deliver the goods to the consumer based on the order information. The advantage of adopting the Dropshipping model is that sellers do not have to deal with inventory, logistics, and other links, allowing you to focus all on marketing and research how to increase sales.

The traditional model usually requires hoarding a large number of products or building a factory for production. Then we all know that there is a division of labor in this world. It is much easier to do the sales part that you are good at than to do everything yourself.

A slightly business-savvy person would not say that before selling a certain product, advance a batch of goods, or build a factory first, then sell it, and then find a way to sell the product. The result is often a desperate situation. . The correct method is that you can test the product first, conduct test sales first, and then optimize your sales strategy. When a customer places an order, we will directly collect the money, and then take the customer’s money, go to the factory to purchase it, and then ship it to the client. The cash flow of this model is not good to say, it is hard for you to go bankrupt! You know, when you take the customer’s money to buy goods, the profit has already been in your hands.

2.The Shopify Dropshipping process

a: The seller puts the product information provided by the supplier that supports the drop shipping service on his Shopify store.

b: Buyers go to the seller’s Shopify store to place an order for shopping, and the Shopify seller will send the buyer’s order information, ordering cost, and shipping fee to the supplier who supports the drop shipping service.

c: Shopify sellers earn the difference after “buyer’s payment supplier’s payment-shipping”.

d: Bulk buy from China and obtain more profit.

shopify dropshipping
Shopify dropshipping

3. The advantages of Shopify Dropshipping.

Easy to start, no need to own a product supply chain, can sell anyone’s products, no need to stock up, no need to ship, fast orders and quick start.

A very big advantage of dropshipping is that it uses less investment for product sales. Traditionally, sellers have to spend a lot of money to buy inventory goods.

Don’t worry about the following:

1) Manage the warehouse and pay for warehouse expenses

2) Packing and shipping order items

3) Track inventory due to billing issues

4) Handling of returned goods and goods that have arrived

5) Keep ordering products and improve storage conditions

6) Low expenses-Since you do not need to purchase inventory and manage warehouses, your expenses will be very small.

In fact, many of the operations of the Dropshipping model are initially carried out at home through computers, and the monthly expenses are small and controllable. As your business grows, expenses may increase, but it is still very small compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

7) Flexible location-Dropshipping mode can be operated in any place with an internet connection.

8) Wide selection of products-because there is no need to stock up in advance, you can provide potential customers with a range of products. If the supplier has a series of products, you can upload them directly on your website.


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