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Amazon FBA shipping restrictions again, let’s dropshipping from China.

Amazon FBA shipping restrictions again, let’s dropshipping from China

Amazon’s business investment managers reveal they would tighten Amazon FBA shipping restrictions again. Earlier this morning, the news that Amazon began to limit the total shipment volume of the account spread. The US, Canada, and European sites were all recruited.


Previously, Amazon stipulated that as long as the IPI score reached the standard, only single ASIN replenishment was restricted. Now, Amazon’s policy has changed, removing the ASIN shipping restriction and restricting the replenishment quantity for the entire account. Even if the IPI meets the standard, it will not help.

At present, Amazon has issued an announcement on this matter:

Amazon explained this policy change like this:

“We have changed the ASIN level limit to ensure that we can receive and store products for all sellers who use FBA. Starting from April 22, 2021, FBA products will no longer be restricted by the number of ASIN levels. Instead, restocking restrictions will be set at the storage type level to provide you with greater flexibility in managing shipments. “

Regarding the replenishment restrictions at the storage type level, Amazon responded to some common questions:

1.How to determine the replenishment limit at the storage type level?


Replenishment limits are based on the type of storage, depending on your past and projected sales, and these limits can be allocated between your ASINs. If you want to check the replenishment limit and usage at the storage type level, you can view it through inventory performance or shipment processing progress (expand [Replenishment Limit Monitor] at the bottom of the page). Your account will no longer be restricted by the number of ASINs.

dropshipping from china
Dropshipping from China

2.How can I determine how much inventory I can send?


Go to the replenishment limit monitor, and then [Check the maximum number of shipments by storage type]. This can be used for your ASIN according to your choice and does not need to comply with the ASIN-level product quantity limit.


Important: The number of stock items shipped exceeds the maximum allowed number of shipments will violate the policy and may result in the cancellation of non-compliant shipments.


3.How does Amazon calculate the maximum number of shipments allowed to be sent?


The “Maximum Shipment Quantity” you can send is equal to the “Maximum Allowed Inventory Level” minus the “Inventory Limit Usage”. If you want to check the utilization rate, please go to the “replenishment limit” monitor and check [Utilization rate by storage type].


The inventory limit usage counts into your maximum inventory level and can be used to determine the maximum number of shipments you can send. Inventory quota usage includes your current inventory, inbound shipments, pending removal inventory, and reserved inventory. This value may be the same as or different from the “Amazon inventory supply” value.


All European and American sites have been recruited, and shops have been hit hard


The New Deal has been implemented in the U.S., European, and Canada sites.

dropshipping from china
Dropshipping from China

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