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Several APPs and shopify dropshipping will expand your business.

Several APPs and Shopify dropshipping will expand your business

The workload of operating a branded independent website and maintaining a blog website cannot be the same. You need periodic email marketing, to ensure safe payment, freight accounting, and website optimization, etc. If you use Shopify, congratulations, a reasonable choice The official Shopify APP makes you do more with less.  We recommend several APPs and use our shopify dropshipping will make your business expand easily.



Based on the email marketing function, you can set 1, intelligently send welcome and thank you mailboxes 2, guide customers who place an order for the second time, 3 dynamically recommend customers who have abandoned orders, 4 generate exclusive coupons. And free support for marketing 250 website subscription customers.

2.Plug in SEO

plug in

After installation, this APP will automatically monitor the SEO integrity of your websites like a bodyguard, including keyword conditions, website speed, blog content, web page 404 and other issues. Once there is a problem, it will send you an alert email and also give you Provide optimization suggestions to improve natural ranking. Of course, there are free and $20 paid versions.


This is also one of my favorite apps. It is very friendly to sellers who do dropshipping. Not only can you learn about current popular products, but you can also upload products you want to AliExpress to Shopify with one click, saving time and effort. , And can track order details at any time. It is an absolute boon for sellers who do shipping without supply.oberlo

There are also free and paid versions, and the paid version starts at $29.9.



Nothing can bring more conversion rates than word-of-mouth marketing. Smile is to stimulates customer word-of-mouth communication, expands loyal customer groups, and increases sales. The background is simple to use and can track results in real-time.



Kit can help you run Facebook ads. When you run an ad on Facebook with Kit, Facebook bills the payment method associated with your Facebook ad account. You don’t pay Kit for running Facebook ads.

Before you can use Kit to run Facebook ads, you need to connect Kit to your Facebook Business Manager. Your Business Manager must be connected to a Facebook ad account and your store’s Facebook page. Learn more about connecting a Facebook Business Manager to Kit.

Kit is connected to your Shopify store, so you can use it to advertise the newest, bestselling, or slowest-selling products in your store, or you can select priority products to feature in Facebook ads. You can also use Kit to run Facebook dynamic ads, which retarget ads to store visitors that feature products they’ve looked at.

If you don’t want to run a Facebook ad, but you want to share your products on Facebook, then you can also use Kit to post regular updates to your Facebook Page.

Sourcing Product Easy company established in 2008, based in Shenzhen city. As a professional China sourcing agent, we buy good products for customers. Over the past 10 years, we have visited more than 1000 factories throughout China. We have huge factories resources and logistic networks. We are good at consumer electronics, shapewear, hardware, etc. . We can provide customized products or print on demand also. We own a fulfillment center in China, provide a one-stop Shopify dropshipping solution.


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