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How to start shopify dropshipping?

How to start Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping is rising when e-commerce and mobile technology have developed together, and pair that “co-evolution” with the enormous impact that COVID-19 has had on online retail shopping. After finished the Shopify store, how to start?


1.How to choose the Right Product?

Finding the right product to sell may be easier than it sounds. If you spend a lot of time researching the direct selling business, then you might see a considerable number of people who claim to be direct selling experts and experts who claim to have the secret to determining “awarded” products. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to choose the right product. You can follow some general guidelines and rules to help you determine how successful you might be when trying to sell one product or another.

how to choose the right product?
How to choose the Right Product?

Tip #1. Through keywords

Searching data through keywords, gaining insight into product sales opportunities, and obtaining accurate traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) technology is a classic and effective method. At present, the cost of paid advertising on search engines is getting higher and higher, so the business of obtaining traffic through the precise selection of keywords is very profitable. The main method of this strategy is to use search engines such as Google or Bing to find long-tail keywords with high search volume but low competition, and then go to the supply chain to match the products corresponding to this keyword. Of course, if you have a certain amount of research on SEO, it will be of great help to using this method. If you are a seller of Shopify dropshipping, the long tail keyword strategy is especially suitable for you. It will earn more profit for you.


Tip #2. Create interesting brands to gain attention and exposure.

Unlike the previous strategy, this strategy focuses on building a brand from the beginning. In fact, when you build a brand, it means that you have selected an audience at the same time. You need to plan your brand story, this story achieves the goal of making customers remember you. If the product you are engaged in is a highly competitive Red Sea market product, the strategy of building a brand can make your product stand out from many competitors.


Tip #3. Find customer pain points and solve them.

Solving customers’ pain points and providing the value they need is one of the ways to build a stronger business. Products that can solve the pain points of customers must have better profit margins because when they express their pain points, they are looking for solutions to the pain points, and if we can make a product that solves the pain points, it will be a problem for them. Excellent choice. These pain points refer to the bad experience and experience of customers when using some products.


Tip #4. Investigate and cater to consumer preferences.

Consumers are always willing to spend more money on their hobbies. For example, golf enthusiasts will spend thousands of dollars to buy various equipment, even if it has a slight impact on their scores. Another advantage of choosing products from a hobby perspective is that they will have a deeper interaction with your brand. This is a good opportunity to cultivate brand loyalty and to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing.


Tip #5. Devote yourself to the product field you have passion and interest in.

Some people say that it is a bad thing to use their interests as the basis for their choice of products (perhaps they think that work will destroy their interests), but this is not always the case. On your way to start a business, especially in times of difficulty, only passion is what supports you. If the products you sell happen to be related to your interests and passions, then you may persevere in this business and make it more successful.


Tip #6. Use your expertise and experience to find products.

Your professional knowledge and experience are your powerful competitive advantages because these things are almost impossible to copy. Therefore, use your professional advantages to enter a product field, which will give your business a natural barrier.


Tip #7. Grasp the growth opportunities and trends of the product.

For entrepreneurship, grasping the trend and taking advantage of the trend is a useful method. If you can grasp the trend, it means that you are the first to suggest what you know in the minds of consumers and become a pioneer or even opinion leader in this field. In terms of operation, people who catch the trend are more likely to do SEO well, are more likely to appear in the front of search engine results, thereby occupying more traffic.


2.How To Choose a Shopify Dropshipping Agent?


Tip #1. Don’t Judge a Company by Its Website.

Smaller suppliers do not always have enough space in their budgets like modern web design. In this case, the appearance of the website does not necessarily indicate poor quality. You should look beyond Google’s first page. Shopify dropshipping suppliers cannot always allocate resources towards boosting their SEO value.


Tip #2. Make Some Calls.

Even after you investigate on the Internet, you may still have questions about the supplier’s return practices, services, and prices. Some of these companies may not have informative or up-to-date websites. If you find this, you can try to call them at any time.

Interviews with potential suppliers may provide you with a lot of detailed information that you can use when making decisions. Most importantly, it also enables you to better understand how to communicate with them. Being able to understand each other and obtain effective services in a timely manner is essential for establishing a successful direct consignment relationship.

how to choose a shopify dropshipping agent?
How To Choose a Shopify Dropshipping Agent?

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