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Five ways to grow your dropshipping sales.

Five ways to grow your dropshipping sales

Shopify dropshipping continues to rise. Although millions of retailers have joined, the e-commerce industry is still booming and has unlimited potential. Recent major events around the world have accelerated the development of the e-commerce industry. Learning to use the right tools can increase the conversion rate and sales.


Below are five ways to increase sales:

1.Chatbot marketing

Chatbots are popular. According to Forbes, 62% of consumers “like to interact with chatbots”, and chatbots can bring a 67% increase in sales. But research shows that about 87% of consumers prefer to talk to real people.

Simply adding a chatbot can help businesses increase sales substantially.

The seller can use AI to create chatbots to answer questions for potential or existing customers at any time. As early as 2016, Amazon opened its chatbot AI to third-party developers, and the world has never progressed.

Below are Shopify chatbot application recommendations:

  1. Gobot ‑ Sales Boosting Chatbot by Gobot
  2. Kik by Kik
  3. Messenger Chatbot Marketing by Akohub
  4. Bargainator by Molsoft
  5. Chatkit by Chatkit
  6. mmuze by Mmuze
  7. Track Your Store Sales Chatbot by Statiny
  8. SMS Chatbot by HiSumo by 79ecommerce
five ways to grow your dropshipping sales
Five Ways To Grow Your Dropshipping Sales

2.The automatic return procedure

More than two-thirds of consumers will spend time reading the return policy. If the return process is cumbersome and difficult, many potential customers will be turned away. Merchants can simplify and automate return procedures, saving customers the trouble of sending emails or calling for RMA (Return Material Review) authorization.

A study jointly conducted by UPS and Forestor in 2008 found that 81% of consumers want easy returns. With the growth of e-tailing, consumers have a dazzling array of choices, but this pursuit of simplicity remains strong.

Adding a simple return procedure is not difficult, and it is cost-effective and can immediately increase the brand’s appeal to consumers.

five ways to grow your dropshipping sales
Five Ways To Grow Your Dropshipping Sales

3.Exit the pop-up window

The exit pop-up window will only activate when the visitor clicks to leave the store or website. The application exits the pop-up window easily, and the price provided by the service provider is reasonable.

Data collected by Conversion Sciences shows that adding an exit pop-up window can retain 10% to 15% of lost visitors. In other words, by adding an exit pop-up window in the store, you can quickly recover 15% of lost sales.

five ways to grow your dropshipping sales
Five Ways To Grow Your Dropshipping Sales

4.In-Store Credit plugin


Many e-commerce sites will add in-store credit plugins to the shopping cart.

In-store credit is usually bundled with returns, that is to say, customers who return products are not refunded directly, but in-store discounts.

In-store credit helps merchants keep money in the company. In-store credit can bring a second promotion because the consumer’s purchase amount has not been refunded and can be used to pay for future orders.

five ways to grow your dropshipping sales
Five Ways To Grow Your Dropshipping Sales

5.Coupon code

Everyone is excited about discounts, and coupon codes are also one of the best ways to increase email subscribers.

Statista shows that 92% of American consumers use coupons or discount codes online. Juniper Research predicts that more than $90 billion of coupon codes will be redeemed by 2022.

Merchants can use a variety of applications, plug-ins, and add-ons to provide customers with coupon codes and increase their subscriptions.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once said, “If you focus on competition, you have to wait for your opponent to take action. Customer-centricity will make you more pioneering.”

five ways to grow your dropshipping sales
Five Ways To Grow Your Dropshipping Sales

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