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Improving search engine optimization – SEO for Shopify

Improving search engine optimization – SEO for Shopify

How do you get customers to find your store? People who find your online store in a search engine are probably looking for products like yours, so they are more likely to buy something. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your store and help customers find your products.

1.Use an SSL certificate to realize HTTPS encrypted access of the whole site.

Since 2018, Google has significantly strengthened its emphasis on user experience, including website access security. Installing an SSL certificate for the website is the best solution to this problem. For websites that are not encrypted, Google Chrome will give an obvious “insecure” prompt, which directly affects the user’s confidence in the website; see Google’s instructions for HTTPS.

Shopify is basically in the form of online stores, involving online transactions, so security is particularly important. Not only that, Google has made it clear that HTTPS is already one of the ranking factors. Under the same circumstances, HTTPS websites are easier to rank than ordinary HTTP websites.

So, if you decide to open an online store, including an online store like Shopify, make sure your website is protected by SSL. If your website is a new site with a new domain name, then using HTTPS from the beginning is undoubtedly the best choice. If your website is not a new site and has been online for a while, then you need to pay attention to the URL problem when you want to use SSL. Make sure that each previous HTTP URL is relocated to the corresponding HTTPS URL with 301 to avoid the same time in the Google search history. The existence of the above two kinds of links leads to the lack of concentration of website weight.


2.Configure the correct sitemap

The site map can help Google better crawl and identify the content of the website. For the Shopify website, its backend will automatically generate a site map for the website, which is still very good, so you don’t need to bother to do it yourself. Shopify’s sitemap link format is www.example.com/sitemap.xml, you can directly use the browser to enter the above link to view the sitemap of your website.

seo for shopify
SEO for Shopify

3.Speed ​​up website access as much as possible

The loading speed of the website is one of the key factors that affect the user experience. If the website loads too slowly, most of the visits will be directly lost. If a website does not load within 5 seconds, most visitors will choose to leave. The Shopify website is built based on the templates provided by Shopify, so the first question is to choose a good template. In this case, try to choose a template with more users. Because there are many users, it can largely indicate that this template should be good. Don’t choose a template that is too complicated. Such a template is inherently unfavorable for loading. In addition to templates, here are some ways to improve loading speed:

Choose the appropriate size for the pictures used on the website. The pictures displayed on some websites are obviously only 200×200 pixels, but the original picture is indeed much larger than this size picture, which will add a processing program to the server. There are many such pictures, which undoubtedly affects the speed very much. Second, the size of the picture should be compressed as much as possible. You can find an APP that compresses pictures to install and use on Shopify.

Avoid using a large number of web fonts. Using these fonts requires calling off-site resources. A large number of off-site resources will also slow down the loading speed of the website. For most of the fonts on the website, it is best to choose the type of web-safe fonts, which does not need to be called from outside the site, saving the program response time.

Consider using Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is a quick access solution launched by Google for mobile browsing, which can basically realize web pages in seconds. The working principle is equivalent to simplifying website elements and speeding uploading. Shopify’s website is basically an online store, and the elements of the online store are generally rich and diverse, so consider whether to use it according to your own situation. The product page is hard to say, but the article page on the website, such as the article published in the blog, is generally applicable.

seo for shopify

4.Use article titles correctly

Many people ignore the importance of the title when writing content for a website. Use the title of the article correctly (h1, h2, h3, etc.) to divide the article structure so that users can understand the content. It can also allow search engines to more accurately identify content information. On a page, there can only be one h1 heading, and then define several sub-headings such as h2, h3, etc. according to the content structure of the article. It is also very convenient to use these titles in the Shopify content editor. After selecting the content, assign the title to it. Among these headings, the h1 heading is the most important, and it is best to include the main keywords of this page, but you also need to be careful not to deliberately superimpose or accumulate keywords in the title to avoid being penalized by Google.

seo for shopify

5.Add Alt attribute and name to the picture

Everyone knows that the file names of pictures taken by mobile phones or other camera equipment are basically defined according to the shooting time. When many people use such pictures, they use them directly. This habit is very bad. First, the pixels of these pictures are generally relatively large and slow to load when used on websites; second, the names of these pictures are not easy for search engines to identify.

The name of the picture should be appropriate to the content of the picture and then add the corresponding Alt attribute. The title of the picture and the alt attribute can be the same.

Why emphasize the Alt attribute?

The visually impaired can read the Alt content of the picture aloud through the reader to facilitate them to browse your website.

Search engines will grab this information to help you understand the picture information.

After the image fails to load, the Alt content will be displayed to avoid user confusion.

So, after uploading a picture in Shopify, do not forget to fill in the alt attribute of the picture.

seo for shopify

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